Looking for a PERQ

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Dec 9 12:38:30 CST 2015

> This is a laughable ask, I realize that- but I'd really like to find a
> Anywhere in the US and Canada is fair game. I am prepared to work on one in
> any condition, and am okay with any model.
> I'm definitely not asking for a handout and would like to negotiate a
> reasonable price. (I am aware of the rarity!)
> Please contact me off-list if this is a possibility.
> For reference, I am located in Seattle, WA.
> Cheers,
> - Ian

I know there are  4 or so in your area, but I don't think any are available.
The newest one acquired is a PERQ-1 (and it is in good condition...boots
just fine....
..and just got the report that it booted about a week ago after the chassis
with HD arrived)
Only problem is we don't know the password for the user (and the guest
account is disabled).

I know about it, because I rescued it for him out here in Atlanta.  And  I
only rescued it because I
had knew Skeezics was a fan from some postings on sun-rescue years ago.   I
almost gave him a heart
attack when I told I had picked it up and it was his, he just had to pay
shipping...   (it has an interesting
history, I was able to contact the guy who orignally purchased it and used
it at an architectural design firm he ran,
some of the floppies with it are designs for jails... )  The guy who got it
from him picked it up at a garage
sale he had and was able to squeeze chassis, monitor, etc. into a Smartcar
and get it home (with his wife).
When I called the original owner he said this was the last one he had
(bummer) but he remembers them
fondly (and I was even able to find a picture of one in the history part of
his company web site... not sure
if it's the actual unit I picked up, but could be... )

I don't believe Skeezics is on cctalk, but he has a number of them.  Lots
of good
stories, his Dad worked at 3Rivers.... Skeezics I beleive also has the OS
source and got the last machine
that they had left when they closed down.   He works on the emulator, etc.
and has been chatting with
Al about PERQs as well...   If you want to see about visiting his
collection let me know...

Earl the Squirrel

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