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> On Tue, Dec 08, 2015 at 09:42:27PM +0000, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> Flip Chip technology was invented for the PDP-7, after the failure of
>> the large System Modules used in the PDP-6.

> What where the failure(s) with System Modules in the PDP-6? cost? 
> reliabilty?

Soldered edge connectors on 2 sides of the board.  In order to remove or
repair a board in the middle of a module (say, a bit in an accumulator),
you had to carefully unsolder all the connections to boards next to it and
move the wiring out of the way.

Seriously fragile.

>> If you'd like to visit the museum, I'll happily show you the internals of
>> a running PDP-7. :-)

> Oh yes! If/when I cross the atlantic you will have to show me internals 
> of _everything_. Can you buy a five-day pass? :-)

Annual memberships are available.  I'll send you costs of 1 day vs.
membership privately, or you can look them up on our site under the
"Visit Us" and "Get Involved" tabs on the home page.


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