Anyone interested in old (PDP-8 driven) Radio Automation hardware?

Wed Dec 9 12:41:42 CST 2015

our  phx station  had an 8E  with one backplane in it and a  single  diablo 
 hard drive.
would be  great to buy one of these for the museum .
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>The "carts" were 4 track  tapes.

They were not. They were either 2 track for mono or 3 track for  stereo, 
and they were physically different from, and not interchangeable with,  
consumer tape cartridges. Radio carts were introduced in, IIRC, the early  1960s 
(I would have to check my broadcast equipment catalogs) and predate the  Lear 
8 track cartridges.

Dale H. Cook, Radio Contract Engineer,  Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA  

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