Anyone interested in old (PDP-8 driven) Radio Automation hardware?

Dale H. Cook radiotest at
Wed Dec 9 09:46:34 CST 2015

At 09:54 AM 12/9/2015, Al Kossow wrote:

>The systems I'm familiar with were made by Gates (not Bill) in the early 70s.

The Gates cart machines were rebranded ATC machines. ATC was a progenitor of ITC, one of the foremost of the cart machine manufacturers. I worked with ATC machines and the rebranded Gates machines beginning in 1969.

>No computers at all in them.

The best and most expensive cart machines (~ $4000 for players and ~ $6000 for recorders) were microprocessor controlled - the Pacific Recorders and Engineering (PRE) Tomcat machines of the 1980s.

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