midrange-l - WAS:::Re: Looking for AS/400

Jerry Kemp other at oryx.us
Tue Dec 8 18:37:15 CST 2015

Thank you for that post, I wasn't aware of that list.  I'm now subscribed.

Hoping to relive some of my System/34 and System/36 days, or even better (for 
me) virtualized.


On 12/ 8/15 05:50 PM, Kevin Monceaux wrote:
  There was a post on the Midrange-L list last
> month from someone with a couple of "old 525 systems" that he's looking to
> part with:
>      http://Archive.Midrange.com/midrange-l/201511/msg00446.html
> I contacted him recently and as of a few days ago they were still available.
> I'd have grabbed one of them if I had the funds to spare at the moment.

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