Maximizing value selling a working 11/34

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If there are enough potential buyers of a system's parts to justify breaking it up, and assuming that at least some of them actually need them, then doesn't it make as much or more sense to restore several systems back to life instead of keeping just one together? If you happen to get more for the parts, that's a bonus.

Then there's the issue that today's shipping costs of anything substantial either discourages some potential buyers of the whole system or at least lowers what they're willing or able to pay for it. In the past I've had no serious offers at all for a heavy S-100 system but would have had no trouble at all selling the cards and drives for more than the system would have brought IMO.

I've also seen people pay the price for a whole system because they need a particular part and ask the seller to just ship the part and keep/resell/recycle the rest.


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