Maximizing value selling a working 11/34

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Tue Dec 8 08:48:50 CST 2015

>> So which direction [as a whole or parting out] would get the most
>> money?

> One would think that the highest revenue would be parting it out.
> Typically that is true on paper.  But be aware that [...]

Also be aware that it will cost you people time (which usually
translates fairly directly into money, for corporations) to handle
multiple sales and multiple shipments and making sure to get just the
right pieces in each shipment and suchlike.  At least some of that
needs to be time from someone who actually knows the hardware, too;
such people tend to be more expensive than shipping-and-receiving
clerks.  If you're not careful this can eat up the prima facie price
differential from parting it out.

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