R: Looking for AS/400

supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Tue Dec 8 02:24:47 CST 2015

Can't help, since I live on the other side if the pond, but AS/400s are cool machines. I own a bunch of them (and some S/36s too) and I like them. OS/400 was and is a good OS (if you have clear in mind what it can and what it can't do).
Meanwhile, you could request a free AS/400 access to the folks at pub1.rzkh.de and play with OS/400. It's fun to access such a beast from a... Smart Phone :)

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Da: Brian Adams <fink at stenoweb.net> 
Data:07/12/2015  21:58  (GMT+01:00) 
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Oggetto: Looking for AS/400 

Hi there,

Recently, I've been reading up into AS/400s.. They seem like really neat machines, and look really sharp with those matching block terminals.
I remember retail stores using those, and I always wondered what kind of a system they were running on... I figured it was DOS!

I've been having trouble locating one, however.

Anybody have one lying around, or know of where to find one in the Toronto area?
It needn't be a high spec machine, just something to play with OS/400 and a terminal.



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