Evotek Winchester Harddisk

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Mon Dec 7 13:38:40 CST 2015

Tom Gardner <t.gardner at computer.org> wrote:

> Sorry If I didn't make myself clear, I am suggesting one never  
> acquire an Evotek drive today other than perhaps as an historical  
> curiosity.
> The Finch was a short lived 8-inch HDD that went up to 42 MB  
> unformatted BUT according to Disk/Trend It did not use an ST506  
> interface but instead came with this  variety of interfaces: Finch,  
> LDI, SMD or SA1000!  So your problem is likely to be finding a drive  
> that matches the interface of yr controller card.   Some possibilities
> ·         Finch interface was available on certain CDC Wren 5½-inch  
> models, e.g. 9415

 From what I understood in the Zilog System 8000 manuals, it is the
Finch interface.


Page 33 - Drive Performance Characterstics
Page 47 - Pinout of the WDC-Controller Disk Connector
Page 65-69 - Describing Driver Configurations

Here are pictures of harddisks used in the System 8000:


And this is the so called "FINCH Adapter Board" used in the S8000:


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