Open FPGAs? - was Re: Project Oberon and OberonStation (resend)

Tor Arntsen tor at
Sun Dec 6 09:39:01 CST 2015

On 24 November 2015 at 22:42, Mouse <mouse at> wrote:

> What I was really interested in was whether the FPGA itself was open.
> If so, I definitely would have wanted to pick up the hardware, because
> I would love to experiment with an FPGA - but I am _not_ going to put
> up with running a vendor binary blob (which probably won't even run on
> my machines) to get an undocumented blob to throw at the hardware.

I don't think that exists, or if it does it must be pretty obscure.
Certainly not Altera, Xilinx (which is used for OberonStation) or
Lattice, and I doubt Microsemi, Actel, or any of the smaller
commercial FPGA vendors have open FPGAs, or even open tools.

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