Triprocessor PDP-10 [Was: Re: [multicians] Emacs humor]

Phil Budne phil at
Fri Dec 4 14:52:59 CST 2015

Rich wrote:
> [1] "Tops-10" was simply a renaming of an operating system which began on the
>     PDP-6 in 1964 and continued in an uninterrupted line of development up
>     through the final release, Tops-10 v7.04 (1988), and maintenance (v7.05,
>     1993).

Are you sure about the captialization "Tops"?
I thought TOPS-10 ran on the DECsystem-10,
while TOPS-20 ran on the DECSYSTEM-20.

> the WAITS file system, the MFD is [1,1] with an
>     internal representation of 000021000021.

Well, I'll be!

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