Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 3 05:57:49 CST 2015

Thanks ..
      That helps.

  1. The hub measures about 11mm so I should be able to get a 10mm
       bore hose on (warm it up a bit might help) .

  2.  What type of glue is best?

  3.  You can see how thick the old one was but yours seems a little 

  4.   From what I have seen on the list the actual outer diameter is 
0.625 inches.
        I calculate that as 15.9 mm

Thanks ...
             Rod Smallwood

On 03/12/2015 10:02, Rik Bos wrote:
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>> Onderwerp: Re: TU-58
>> Hi
>>       Well it certainly works for you Rik.
>> I dont speak Dutch and its not clear exactly which of the products you
> refer to.
>> The end of hub appears to have been turned on a lathe.
>> So if you speak Dutch and have a nice big lathe in your shed you can fix
> your
>> TU58 For us lesser mortals the search goes on.
>> Rod
> Rod,
> I don't use the lathe but I use a small dc motor in my vice , most of the
> time the motor from the drive.
> I use a "Eze-Lap Fine Diamond Pocket Stone 1" x6" (600)" to make them to the
> right size.
> Some times when I have to remove more material I start with Scotch Wet and
> Dry 150 sanding paper wrapped around the Eze-Lap.
> It's all about craftsmanship and a steady hand if you keep the motor running
> at a steady speed about 50% of its nominal voltage everybody should be able
> to do this.
> After gluing the rubber to the capstan it takes me about 20-40 minutes to
> get the rubber to the right size.
> So you lesser mortals should be able to do this too.
> For the tubing use something with the right inner size (a little smaller
> than the hub) the outer size should be a little larger.
> And look for an industrial hose/rubber supplier both PU and Neoprene should
> work.
> -Rik

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