Oak Ridge PDP setups

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From: Todd Killingsworth
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>> Lots of places.  The folks at Oak Ridge ("Atomic City") ran a 5-processor
>> SMP configuration.

> Rich - can you elaborate on this any?  Which facility, what was it used
> for?  I've got family from Oak Ridge, and its unusual for my vintage
> computer / atomic history to intersect like this.

Sorry, all I know about the site is mentions in passing by DEC LCG alumni who
worked there at one time or another, in Usenet postings to groups such as
alt.folklore.computers.  To quote an example:

%   From: jmfbahciv <jmfbahciv at aol>
%   Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers
%   Subject: Re: Status of Arpanet/Internet in 1976?
%   Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 08:24:48 -0400
%   Organization: NewsGuy - Unlimited Usenet $19.95
%   Lines: 29
%   Message-ID: <h9d3fq429r6 at news2.newsguy.com>
%   References: <0fa0c23a-1eba-4f86-817b-b81a6e85177d at j19g2000vbp.googlegroups.com>
%   		<m3ocp4x9x1.fsf at garlic.com> <w9zzl8ovu08.fsf at zipcon.net>
%		<m3d45j9efp.fsf at garlic.com> <m38wg79e5e.fsf at garlic.com>
%		<8ba34ebf-84cd-41d9-9b2e-906782595d42 at n2g2000vba.googlegroups.com>
%   JMF's first assignment at DEC in 1970 was to make PDP-10s, PDP-11s,
%   PDP-12, and some IBM machine yak at each other in Oak Ridge.
%   I don't remember which facility it was; a decade later, the same
%   site was running a 5-CPU SMP PDP-10 system, and still serving
%   as the backend to the IBM system.
%   /BAH


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