Oberon and the OberonStation (retro-style FPGA computing)

William Maddox wmaddox at pacbell.net
Wed Dec 2 02:31:33 CST 2015

>Do you have 5 volt I/O with the OberonStaion FPGA?
>I was thinking of using it as general FPGA card.

The serial port is 3.3v according to the website.  I haven't attempted to use the serial port or the GPIO pins, but I believe they are all 3.3 volts for the Spartan 3 series.   Check the data sheet for the FPGA to be sure.  There are no level converters on the board, so whatever the FPGA provides is what you get.

BTW, as of this writing, the website is showing the fully-assembled boards as available.


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