Qualstar 1260 9 Track Tape Service Manual with Schematics

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Apr 30 19:58:47 CDT 2015

On 04/30/2015 03:21 PM, Marc Verdiell wrote:
> Question for all in general and Al Kossow in particular... There is a
> scanned version of the Qualstar 1260 Service Manual on bitsavers, but it
> cuts off right where it gets interesting, just before the schematics in
> Appendix C... Does anybody have the full version somewhere with the
> schematics at the end? (BTW, the 1052 manual version has the schematics).
> The Qualstar tape drive in question hooked up to my Mac SE/30 (of all
> things!):
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqIrMXxPGUA
> But it misbehaves now (squeaks while motor reverses and fails reads test,
> hopefully mechanical?). And my second unit caught another virus and now
> refuses to load tape or get the motors going. Both used to work fine. Time
> to open them up I guess.

I dunno, I finally got my 1260S to work very reliably--it's very slow of 
course, particularly at 6250 GCR.   The Pertec to SCSI interface is a 
bit strange.  When it hits a filemark, instead of setting the correct 
status, it transfers exactly 1 byte.

If your tape has the sticky-shed problem, the thing will squeak like a 
rusty bedspring and eventually give up with an error.

It's better than a lot of cheap streamers, but that's about all I can 
really say about it.  I find that the combination of the 1052 service 
manual, the 1260 service manual that ends with Appendix A and the 1260 
user's guide gets me by.

OTOH, I get the drive pretty much in pristine condition for $60 shipped. 
  It was previously at U of Texas medical center.  It doesn't owe me 


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