HP (3rd party) id help?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Apr 30 17:05:59 CDT 2015

I don't think I ever asked this here, I apologize if this is a repost from
long ago. I don't remember the answer in any case!


In high school we had an HP 2000/Access system, and in one of the racks was
a non-HP modem or leased line unit that supported multiple lines (maybe
16-ish ISTR). I remember there was a row of silver rocker switches (one for
each channel). I think there was a rotary thumbdial on the right with
numbers on it to select the line, and maybe an LED above each rocker switch
to show which lines were in use. Maybe (not sure) there were some status
LEDS on the right that showed status for whatever line was selected with the


I have a picture of the system racks at

In the dual bay HP on the right, it is the left rack, 2nd from the top. It's
just under the 2748B paper tape reader and just above the 7900A disc drive.


I was curious if anyone recognized definitively what brand/model that device


Most unfortunately, that picture includes me holding a trophy for a
programming contest and it shows I once was thin, once had hair, and always
had acne LOL Kinda wish I had cropped it before uploading :\ I apologize for
the fuzziness, it's a picture of a picture and the best I could get. The
time period is roughly 1978-1982, and I think the system was a few years old
already at the beginning of that period (was probably used and put together
from parts at other schools).


Anyone know for sure on the comm device?





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