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Wed Apr 29 16:00:38 CDT 2015

> Not only make a will, but make sure that the right people will have it in
> a timely manner.  When my best friend died, his will wasn't found for a

On Wed, 29 Apr 2015, tony duell wrote:
> In my case it's simplified by having the exector and beneficiary the 
> same person (this it totally legal in the UK, I am not sure about 
> elserwhere, but I can't see why it wouldn't be).

It is legal in California.  My friend had made a will 40? years ago,
with a friend as the executor and beneficiary.  HE knew that I had
been verbally promised the Leicas.  But, the county seized the property, 
locking us out, until the will was found, and the beneficiary/executor 
died before it was found.

> I have given him a copy of my will with 
> 'COPY' written across it so that when the time comes he has reasonable
> evidence that a will exists and that he should search for it. 
Although we had known the basic terms of the will, without having a copy 
as proof, they would not let us do any of the searching.

> In any case, if you have close family members, etc, make sure they know 
> you have made a will and if so, where it is kept.

When Don Maslin died (before that, my will had bequeathed my collection of 
alien floppies to him!), his wife had no idea what anything was, nor where 
things were.
Some folk made some heroic efforts, and a lot of his collection of disk 
images were found, but not the original disk themselves.

> Anybody who does not know that a Leica is a valuable camera needs to be 
> educated! With a clue-by-four. Or a 560mm Telyt used in the same manner 
> :-)

Be careful with that Telyt!  If I knew which of several people had 
discarded the "obsolete" (not even digital!) cameras, I would dumpster 
them.  and then drop a few tons of Dells into the same skip.

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