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tony duell ard at
Wed Apr 29 15:29:01 CDT 2015

> Not only make a will, but make sure that the right people will have it in
> a timely manner.  When my best friend died, his will wasn't found for a

In my case it's simplified by having the exector and beneficiary the same
person (this it totally legal in the UK, I am not sure about elserwhere, but
I can't see why it wouldn't be). I have given him a copy of my will with 
'COPY' written across it so that when the time comes he has reasonable
evidence that a will exists and that he should search for it. 

In any case, if you have close family members, etc, make sure they know you
have made a will and if so, where it is kept. 

> long time, by which time, a lot of stuff had been dumpstered, including
> his LJIIP, and even his Leicas!

Anybody who does not know that a Leica is a valuable camera needs to be 
educated! With a clue-by-four. Or a 560mm Telyt used in the same manner :-)


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