VCF Ban, Vector Graphic cards, Wright card punch, MDS Keyboard

Mike Stein mhs.stein at
Wed Apr 29 11:13:06 CDT 2015

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Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 7:59 PM

> Mike,
> Hey sorry to hear about you being banned. Not 
> sure exactly what the history
> is there but Erik is a pretty reasonable guy and 
> hopefully it gets resolved
> soon. So are you sure you want to go all drastic 
> and get rid of your stuff
> just because of a silly ban?
> -Ali (Shadow Lord on VCF)

Thanks, Ali,

I'm not the only one, but Mike and I do have a 
history for some reason going back quite a few 
years; Erik's definitely a good guy, so maybe he's 
just busy or the emails got lost.

I didn't mean to say that I'm getting rid of all 
my stuff specifically _because of_ the ban, just 
that being told that I'm not welcome on VCF gave 
me an opportunity to stop and think about all the 
various aspects and perspectives of this whole 
hobby and community, the time and money spent, the 
friends I've made and the folks I've 
unintentionally annoyed, the rewards and the 
aggravation, the few contributions I've made, etc. 
etc., and even to look at the piles of parts and 
docs (especially the PC stuff) the way my 'normal' 
friends do, as just so much old junk that could 
bring a few bucks at the recycler...

But then just a couple of weeks ago I was able to 
help someone on here out with a part that got his 
vintage LJ-IIp going again, so there is that 
gratifying side of it, to be sure...

Finally, I am pushing 70, so it's time to start 
making things a little easier for my executors...


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