VCF Ban, Vector Graphic cards, Wright card punch, MDS Keyboard

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> Apparently, if you're not allowed to post on a 
> forum, you immediately go to
> your massive piles of everything you have that 
> that forum covers and you
> immediately throw it out

Well, not quite. Let's face it, aside from the 
occasional post here like the one below and eBay, 
VCF is really the place where most folks who might 
be looking for a '286 motherboard hang out; not 
being able to participate there was mainly a 
wake-up call, an occasion to reflect on whether 
hanging on to rooms full of PC cards etc. was 
actually still (ever?) justified or really just 

Al's asking on here a while back, "have you ever 
added up how much it's cost you over the years to 
store this stuff?" really brought it home for me; 
quite a few thousands in my case since it fills an 
apartment that I could be (and was, long ago) 
renting out otherwise.

So I've just decided to get rid of a bunch of 
stuff that many folks on here wouldn't consider 
even remotely vintage anyway, about 50 or 60 
systems, probably around a thousand each cards and 
disk drives, etc. etc., leaving more room for my 
S-100, 6502 and other miscellaneous stuff.


>> >>  Have a '286 PC?  I have a pick and place 
>> >> system that uses a massive
>> > proprietary board that is essentially a 286 
>> > PC,
>> > but with lots of EPROM and battery-backed 
>> > static RAM.
>> > I got rid of all my 286 gear almost 20 years 
>> > ago, and now worry just a
>> > little about spares.

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