IBM 5120 again.

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Mon Apr 27 05:29:12 CDT 2015

Il giorno lun, 27/04/2015 alle 11.31 +0200, Christian Corti ha scritto:
> On Sun, 26 Apr 2015, supervinx wrote:
> > I've a request for a friend of mine.
> I've wanted to answer Giuseppe De Luca directly, but prefer to answer 
> here. I do have those manuals. The problem is that the block diagrams are 
> 1. not very accurate and 2. oversized sheets that are not easy to scan. 
> But it's been many years the last time I tried it. I should make a new 
> attempt with our new copier.
> Christian
Thanks again :)

Since it isn't so easy to do remote assistance, I'm planning to do some
off-line measurements on my working boards and compare them with the
ones on the suspected failing board.

Having the failing 5120 handy it would be easier... but it's far away
from my lab :(

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