Resolved: Re: 11/34 sanity check

js at js at
Sun Apr 26 19:21:51 CDT 2015

On 4/26/2015 7:16 PM, Don North wrote:
> Actually the maintenance/debugging 
> chapter (8) in the KY11-LB maintenance 
> manual mentions this problem as a 
> symptom, and the resolution is to 
> reverse the cable plugged into the 
> M7859 coming from the front panel. So 
> the manuals can be useful as well.
> However, it is still not good form to 
> be so snippy in either asking 
> questions or answering them. There are 
> more and more noobs out there that are 
> younger than their machines, and 
> guiding them how to ask questions is 
> as important as to answering them.
> If you don't want to respond in a 
> civil fashion then don't respond at 
> all. Then your time will not be wasted.
> Don

Oh, my reply met every standard for the 
word, "civil."  Beyond that, the tone is 
entirely what YOU project into it.  To 
me, it was wry humor.

- J.

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