Still looking for VAXstation 3100 / Model 76 RAM

polemon polemon at
Sun Apr 26 02:00:27 CDT 2015

Hello, this is my first time posting to this ML.

I'm trying to restore my old VAXstation 3100 / Model 76, to a more
stable working order.
One of the biggest problems, seems to be finding RAM modules for it.
I've been looking for them in various places for many years now, but
nothing has really come up.

I seriously considered making them myself, as I have pretty decent
skills in lay-outing PCBs, and electronics.

I also need those rubber grommets, that hard drive used to be attached
with to the chassis. The rubber seems to break down after twenty five
years or so, and they start to become goo, kinda like warm licorice.

Pretty much any periphery for the 3100/M76, like periphery, etc. I'm
interested in that.
Anything except the monitor, probably. I do have the GFX card in the
machine, but the monitors fetch huge prices, and a big heavy thing
like that, would cost a fortune to ship to Germany.

Oh right, I'm in Germany. I'd pay for shipping and all that, of course.


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