11/34 sanity check

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 21:39:22 CDT 2015

On 4/25/15 9:54 AM, Henk Gooijen wrote:
> My memory is not clear, so best to do is some manual reading.
> For example, can you put the M9301 (or M9312) and M7859 in slot 3?
> Or is slot 3 sort of reserved for M8267 or M8268, and should the
> terminator and console interface go in slot 4?
I assume it's OK to put the M9301 in slot 3 only because there's a 
DEC-applied label running along the edge of the cardcage labeling what 
goes in what slots, and slot 3 is labeled "M9301/SPC."  It's also where 
the card was situated when the machine entered my possession (not that 
that means much :)).

> No effects at all from the console is (IIRC) strange. CTRL/HALT should
> work. I once had a dead M7859, as soon as I hit the numeric keys
> strange things happened, and (for example) "LAD" turned the RUN
> LED on and the system hung. The M7859 is "just another UNIBUS device".
> On my interface board it was a dead RAM chip.
> As yours is doing practically nothing, check whether all ICs are in
> the sockets ... some vandal may have ripped the 8008 processor to sell
> is as @*LOOK RARE *@
The 8008 is still there :).  Nothing else is socketed.  I'll note that 
running the system with just the console card and RAM installed (no 
CPU), the behavior is identical.  I'm beginning to think that there's 
something wrong with the console, but I'll need to do some more 
debugging tonight.

> On my 11/34, a lamp (RUN, SR DISP, BUS ERR, MAINT) is either bright
> ON or 'very' OFF.     I never used MAINT, should do that some time ...
Thanks -- good to know that what I'm seeing is atypical.

> Grant problems can hang the bus (BUS ERR ON), but as you know,
> you can check that by removing the M9302 at the far end. I think you
> should keep the M9301 next to the CPU installed.
> If you want the 11/34 to do something you probably *need* the M7856 at 
> 777560 as console. The CPU wants to dump it registers
> there at startup ...
Thanks, that's good to know -- I hadn't considered the requirements of 
the bootstrap ROMs w.r.t. the SLU.

- Josh

> - Henk

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