DEC scanned documents for Bitsavers (message for Al Kossow)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Apr 24 08:48:35 CDT 2015

    > From: shadoooo

    > I'm scanning at 600dpi grayscale, lossless compression.

I've been scanning a few things too, and I found that 600dpi grayscale
produced absolutely enormous files (many, many MB's per page, for prints), no
matter what I tried to do, compression-wise.

600dpi black and white, followed by saving as TIFF's with CCITT Group 4
compression, produced immensely smaller files (small 100's of KB's for the
same pages), and they are quite readable (even the fine letter seems to be
readable - b/6 is quite distinguishable, etc).

Al, I hope that's acceptable for BitSavers - I have a number of things that
are missing, and I was planning on scanning them in, and sending them along.


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