Arlington, TX "vintage computer museum" closing, close-out sale

Sean Caron scaron at
Thu Apr 23 10:16:23 CDT 2015

If I was local I would definitely go over for an afternoon of picking
although the most interesting thing I can pick out from the pic on
Craigslist is a NeXT grayscale monitor (I suppose the Altos machines are a
bit unusual, too) ... I know the sort of place; probably a little
storefront computer repair/computer shop with a little "collection" in back
... I've visited a few shops over the years that have had similarly
constructed "museum" areas... Always sad to see these little guys go ... I
got my own start in the business years ago at a local computer repair shop
when I was in high school ... hope they are able to find good placements
for their stuff.



On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 4:17 PM, devin davison <lyokoboy0 at> wrote:

> I gave them a call, there seems to be quite a bit of interesting stuff
> there, but they do not want to ship any of it.
> Friendly on the phone, sad to see it's closing up seems like a neat place.
> It's a shame it's not anywhere near me or i would have seriously considered
> heading over there to see, even if the prices are a little high. Hopefully
> it all goes to a good home.

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