Giveaway - 2 large boxes of VAX/VMS literature

Jan Prunk janprunk at
Wed Apr 22 06:22:57 CDT 2015

Hello !

I would like to find a second home for my vintage VAX/VMS literature.

I have two very large boxes of VAX/VMS material, approximate dimension of
one box is 55 x 40 x 40 centimeters. I haven't looked up about what topics
the material is, but I can do so if you are interested to obtain it. These
are Plastic maps with paper printed material in them, original VAX/VMS
manuals since 1980s probably.

The condition of the paper material isn't perfect, these were held in a
basement in an open box, so some dust have been collected on the manuals
over the years, but everything is still in a readable form. Paper is since
the 1980, so some pages might of have become yellowish or slightly lost the
black print, due to aging.There might be some bended prints too, however
plastic maps have protected the inner papers quite well.

Shipping comes from Slovenia, Europe. As we don't have any cheap
international couriers, I managed to found the cheapest option for 50
eur/box, that would be 100 eur for both boxes with a courier that provides
the tracking number and a 500 eur protection for the lost package, so I
think it's quite good.

I am willing to donate this material to a person who is interested free of
charge, however if multiple people apply through the mailing list, I'd be
glad to offer the material to the one, who wants to add a small extra to
get this material, but the most important to me is that it gets in the hand
of the VAX/VMS lovers into a second home. Also I expect the buyer to cover
the minimum of shipping costs, that is 100 EUR, before I ship the material.
I can collect bank wire or Paypal payment. I would prefer to ship the
material within the European Union as shipping outside EU might be much
more expenssive. This material has to be shipped soon, I cannot store it
for very long, it should go out latest by the end of this month.

About me:
I am the VAX enthusiast and founder of the #vax channel @ freenode, so if
you wish to live-chat with me you can find me there, otherwise please
e-mail me off the list to janprunk -at- if you are interested
about the material.

Kind regards,

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