Teleprint TP-3328 ASR 33

Marco Rauhut marco at
Wed Apr 22 16:27:45 CDT 2015

Hello all together!

At the moment i try to bring back a TTY from Teleprint to life. It is a 
TP-3328. A labeled Teletype ASR33.  It looks like the original ASR 33.
Differences are the missing off position on the on/off/local switch. The 
Motor of the ASR starts up at every key touch and stops after a letter 
ist printed. The Elektronic part at the right is also different.
My problem is the current loop connection. The molex plug no. 2 and the 
terminal strip below did not exist in my tty like in the original ASR 
manuals described. Has any one information about the TTY`s current loop 


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