HP2000/Access TimeShare BASIC (pics)

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Apr 22 14:56:28 CDT 2015

Kirk wrote...
Yes very nice. Love the login pictures. I remember trying to get them to give me a Axxx when I used the system at my high school.
At my high school, most students shared "class accounts" (Mxxx for Math, Lxxx for Language, Pxxx for Physics, etc. and usually xxx was the course number). If you wanted your own personal account you were given a 10 page list of problems to solve on the computer. There were only a few lines describing each problem, so there was like 100 problems. They ran the gamut from simple programming stuff to some fairly complex file I/O. Sidebar - I still have that sheet of problems, will try to remember to post it. Rather fun stuff for a BASIC environment. Anyways - once you solved all the problems and the computer center operator checked all your programs to make sure they were right, then you got your own S0xx account (S for student). Student accounts were handed out in ascending order starting with S001, so the "holy grail"/"ultimate honor" was to get assigned the S000 account because it was the "Group Master" of course for S001 through S099. I did get S000 my Junior year :)


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