HP2000/Access TimeShare BASIC (pics)

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Apr 21 16:45:58 CDT 2015

My latest HP2000/Access TSB system build came to life today. Pictures at:



There is still a lot of "cosmetic work" before I'm satisfied with it. Some
detail parts need to be added, some additional cleaning and cable dressing,
etc. All the doors, filler panels, and some trim needs to be put back in
place. This system has passed extended (overnight) diagnostics on every
board, microcode option, and peripheral.


There is an issue with the 7906D - it works ok, but there is some occasional
bearing noise. I have another 7906D sitting there ready to rackmount but I
was so close I just couldn't wait for that and had to fire it up and load
the OS. The 29425D cabinet is opened up only because I was poking at it to
check for the source of the noise.


Unlike my dual 2100A/S TSB system, this one is destined for some development
work and I'll be adding a small (read low power) tape/disk combo, a "flash"
based paper tape reader/punch, and some baci boards which TSB doesn't
support ("currently" cough cough). The only item that needs to be added is
the dual sync modem board set. yes, I'm going to do HP2000/Access RJE to
Hercules ;)





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