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Tue Apr 21 09:33:26 CDT 2015

On Tue, 21 Apr 2015, Douglas Taylor wrote:

> I have a software driver for an old scientific instrument that is described 
> in a brief manual this way:
> "The acquisition driver is a tool that allows developers to write their own 
> Windows based programs that
> can acquire data from any Michelson series spectrometer. The programs can be 
> developed with any
> programming environment that supports calling standard Windows 16bit DLLs. 
> Examples of such
> environments are Visual Basic and Visual C++ from Microsoft ( up to version 
> 1.5 ), Delphi and C++
> from Borland, Labview from National instruments. This document assumes that 
> the reader is familiar
> with all the concepts surrounding DLLs and Windows programming. It is a 
> reference guide that explains
> the parameters of the functions that make up the Bomem acquisition driver and 
> how they are used to
> acquire data."
> I recently purchased Visual Basic 4.0 Standard Edition, but the first pages 
> of the reference indicate that it is a 32 bit only version.
> Which version of Visual Basic will allow me to call this driver?

Doug, you should be able to use VB6 for that - you can call a DLL from 
just about any programming language on Windows.  Does it give you any 
example code to work with?  Is there a scan of the manual available?

If you're not familiar with VB, I'd be happy to help you get it sorted.


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