Tapes for Bruker Aspect 2000

dwight dkelvey at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 17 23:54:52 CDT 2015

 Hi Al
 I have a number of tapes that are for the Bruker Aspect 2000.
They include the OS called ADAKOS.
Originally, I had thought these might be Nicolet 1080 tapes but the
format was different. I didn't recognize it. I've since found that they
are for the Bruker 2000 ( a 24 bit computer, loosely based on
the 1080 computer ). 
I have no need for the tapes ( punch ) and only want to keep the tape
tray. There are 12 tapes in a 8 slot tray. One of the tapes is TECO but
most of the others are instrument or system test of some sort.
I'd like to pass them to your archive ( not sure there is much demand
for these but you never know ).
Can you let me know when you might be at the CHM so I can stop
by and drop them off. 

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