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On Sat, 18 Apr 2015, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> I've heard (from Peter Lthberg that they're emulated (in certain situations?)
>> as massbus disks.
> I was wrong about SC, BTW.  That work was done internally at CI$.  (I was told
> this by the gent who oversaw the conversion from KLs to 40s.)  Whether they
> emulate Massbus at some point, I cannot say.


I see "RH" all over the it's plausible.

> If Peter is talking about XKL, I'm sorry but he's dead wrong.  I can say that
> with complete certainty since I worked for XKL when the Toad-1 was built, did
> some of the monitor development myself, and have managed Toad systems as part
> of my daily living for the last 20 years.  The SCSI interface created by XKL
> (specifically by Dr. Wayne Lichtenberger, of Illiac and AlohaNet and Cisco's
> CSC-3 processor board fame) is sui generis, and the code for it in TOPS-20 is
> likewise.

He was talking about SC.

>                                                                Rich
> P.S.  Peter is an old friend.  Say hello for me next time you talk to him.

Will do - he's the only one I know who understands the SC-40. ;)

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