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On Sat, 18 Apr 2015, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> I assume you want me to look at FILDDT on the images copied to a TOPS-10
>> system, correct, or is there a quick shortcut to FILDDT for a device?
> Device-direct I/O is available under FILDDT.  Do it from the console login so
> that you're properly 1,2.  If you run FILDDT and type /H to its prompt, you
> will see what the options are.  Basically, you want something like RPA0:/U to
> start, and remember to multiply every sector number by 200 (octal) to get the
> disk address right.  The HOM blocks are sectors 1 and 12, so their addresses
> are 200 and 2400 respectively.

Ahhhhh, thanks a lot!  That's a MAJOR help!

>> Happen to have any idea how to boot one from tape?  Copy a DEC bootstrap
>> to the MSP disk and pray it considers one of the SCSI drives as a
>> supported drive?
> Since DEC never supported SCSI hardware (that was done independently by SC and
> XKL at different times for different hardware), that's never going to work.

I've heard (from Peter Lthberg that they're emulated (in certain 
situations?) as massbus disks.

> I don't have an SC install manual, so I can't begin to guess how to boot from
> tape.  Sorry.

Alright, thanks.

I have something much more helpful right now. ;)
CompuServe KHK296 (built 2:19:37 PM Wednesday, January 22, 2003 in 

Let's hope there's sources in [340,105]!

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