Opening a DECserver 90M External PSU

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Fri Apr 17 10:18:45 CDT 2015

Robert Jarratt wrote:
> One of my DECserver 90M PSUs got dropped and stopped working as a result,
> possibly because it got pulled by the cable. That sounds like the kind of
> damage that might be repairable. I tried to open the enclosure and I found a
> hole under one of the labels, expecting it to be a screw hole, but it isn't.
> I am guessing you just have to pry the halves apart, but without knowing
> where the clips are inside it is easy just to break the thing.
> Does anyone know how you open these PSUs?

As far as I recall, there are no clips - it is glued all the way around.

Mine (actaully a 90TL, with H7082-AB PSU) failed too.  Using a lot of patience,
I pried it open without too much damage, fixed it (a capacitor in the startup
circuit IIRC) and glued it back together.  The end result was only slightly
rough looking and would probably have been better with a more suitable glue.
The thing has a very Lego-like quality about it.

It failed again some time later and I haven't had the enthusiasm to break it
open again since.

Peter Coghlan.

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