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On Fri, 17 Apr 2015, Rich Alderson wrote:

> MFD (Master File Directory).  It's not quite the same internally as a User
> File Directory.  Also found in the tables, come to think of it.

Ahh. Thanks.

I assume you want me to look at FILDDT on the images copied to a TOPS-10 
system, correct, or is there a quick shortcut to FILDDT for a device?

> Umm, isn't an RM05 300MB vs. 200MB for an RP06 (real unformatted capacities)?

Yes, the disk image was 245M, identifies as an rp06 to the monitor 
(discovered through RECOGNIZE in OPR) which explains the BUGHLT. According 
to du -sh it seems not much beyond the first 20M or so is anything but 

> SimH only knows one disk format, the one that KLH10 calls "dlw8" (little-
> endian, 1 word in 8 bytes).

Thanks - that's a useful pointer.

>> No responses on alt.sys.pdp10, perhaps you can wake some people up? ;)
> I'll rattle the cage.


> OK, thanks!

No problem.

Happen to have any idea how to boot one from tape?  Copy a DEC bootstrap 
to the MSP disk and pray it considers one of the SCSI drives as a 
supported drive?

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