New DEC Docs Uploaded

Jason T silent700 at
Thu Apr 16 17:37:30 CDT 2015

I have scanned some docs today which don't appear to be in any known
collections.  There are two PDP-11 Loader Listings from 1975 and the
engineering drawings for the LT33, DEC's rebadging (and modification?)
of the Teletype Model 33.  Those can be found here:

Included with the LT33 packet was Teletype's set of wiring diagrams
for the Model 33 with Private Line.  Their number for the set is WDP
0033.  There are other examples of this set out there but mine looked
slightly different, so I went ahead and scanned it:

Feel free to add them to your own sites/collections.

In my searches I ran across this site:  Loads of Teletype docs

These docs came with the 11/05 I picked up last year.  Unfortunately,
there was no sign of the LT33 unit.

The docs above are free-for-shipping to anyone who'd like the
originals.  They're in very good shape, just unstapled for scanning.
I'm in 60070 ZIP.


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