HP-C product HP92453-01 version A.08.81

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Apr 15 14:23:40 CDT 2015

Keven wrote...
I'm doing a little re-engineering. 
I'm looking for HP-C  product HP92453-01 version A.08.81 I suspect it could
have been on HPUX 10.20.

Wondering if anyone may have access to something from back then and could
check the version on the C compiler - just to verify what OS version.

I can invest in an HP9000/712 system with 10.20 installed, but not sure
about the C compiler that would come with it.
Back in that timeframe (10.20)... HP C for HP-UX was free. However, it was
not full ansi C. If you wanted "HP ANSI C" that was a cost product.

I did have HP ANSI C, glanceplus, mirrordisk/UX, DTCmanager/UX, unlimited
HPUX license, and serviceguard/ux on DDS tapes (plus HPUX 10.20 on CD). They
were "special" and did not require a key. However, I loaned those tapes &
cd's to a listmember years ago and have never received them back.


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