looking for info of the DEC Remote Services Console

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On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 11:45 AM, Henk Gooijen <henk.gooijen at hotmail.com> 
> I saw a few listings on eBay of the DIGITAL Remote Services Console.
> I have one in excellent condition, and it would be nice to put it in use.
> But so far, I have not been able to find *any* documentation.
> Info on the four 25-pin sub-D connectors would be a great start.
> They are labeled A1, A2, B1, and B2. For pictures in the auctions, I'm
> guessing that A1 connects to a VT-style terminal and A2 connects
> to the system console port. That implies that the B connectors are
> intended to connect to modems.
> But I do not want to connect anything until I've seen documentation!
> Does anybody have info on this nice box?

If you're curious enough you could buy a copy of this EK-KCRSC-FS-001
manual if you can't find a copy online anywhere:

Here's a start:

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Subject:    Remote Services Consoles REVEALED!
From:       Chuck McManis
Date:       2000-07-29 22:14:58

I found DEC document EK-KCRSC-FS-001 "Remote Services Console: Field
Service Manual." Sometimes I'm sure God is a computer collector.

Connections: Connector
Local Console Terminal A1
CPU Conole Port A2

Optional to Comm port B1
Connection to modem B2

Now the way it works is it can use the modem from an existing dial-in line
which presumably the customer would already have. So where you would
normally have:

Console >-------------> Computer

Modem >-----------==> Comm port

You get

Console >---+ R +------> console
   | S |
Modem  >----+ C +------> comm port

This lets the modem be used to dial in the console or on the comm port when
not remotely diagnosing issues.
Buttons on the front control baud rate, the mapping is:

out out out 300
in  out out 1200
out in  out 2400
out out in 4800
in  in  in 9600

Baud T is the terminal and should match the console port setting

Baud M is the modem (1200 baud preferred :-)

The various modes:

REMOTE - modem can dial into the console. Light blinks
when no one is dialed in

REMOTE USER - modem is connected to the comm port

USER PORT - all operation is transparent console and modem
connect "straight through" to the other connector

LOCKOUT - modem can't be used to get to the system.

The dial in line uses the DDCMP protocol to insure data integrity. I'm not
sure what this means in terms of being able to dial it from a PC.

---- Henk's reply
Thanks Glen, that is already very useful information. <thumbs up>
I will add this to my web site!  And test this of course ...

Yes, I am curious enough, however ...
I have bought parts and documentation from this eBay seller (efi) before.
My guess is that he might accept a $10 offer for this manual, but I cannot
do that, because the additional international shipping costs are absurd.

If somebody could do the offer of $10, and ship the manual to me in a 
as a private person (instead of a company), I would pay all expenses and
add some "beer" money.

- Henk 

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