DEC manuals free to good home

Willian cae at
Tue Apr 14 09:33:45 CDT 2015

Hi Noel,

Do you still have them? I would like them.



At 09:05 a.m. 14/04/2015, you wrote:
>Hi all, as part of a recent purchase of a group of DEC manuals, I have some
>duplicates, which are going free to a good home. (I'd prefer it if they went
>to people who didn't have any copies of the manual in question, but I'm not
>hard and fast on that.) They are:
>     EB-26078-41     Microcomputer Products Handbook (1985)
>     EB-20912-18     Microcomputers and Memories Handbook (1982)
>     EB-28251-20     Terminals and Communications Handbook (1980)
>Email me if you want one. (I will, of course, need your address! :-)
>       Noel
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