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Tue Apr 14 06:55:18 CDT 2015

Hi yes all good points.

It wasn't DEC who considered places remote it was their customers.
I have no axe to grind I'm a born and bred Liverpool Scouser and would 
defend the Northwest if needed.

DEC did have a large office in Manchester and think an offshoot in Leeds.

The question was simple " Where do I put a show to get the maximum of 
You already know the answer. It cost DEC a few grand to find that one out.

Bletchley Park. A shame. A house divided against itself or an agressive 
take over. Is the war over yet?

  Of course there is another way to look at it. Make it difficult to get 
to and only  the really keen ones will go.
Not only a retrospective show but introspective one as well.

Was there anybody there who actually worked for DEC or am I the last of 
the many?

That said.. If there is another one (show that is) and I'm fit to travel 
I may well come up.


On 14/04/2015 11:08, Dave G4UGM wrote:
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>> Hi Mark
>>                I think we would all like to live near the Lake District and an excuse to
>> visit is always welcome.
>> Venue is easy. Slap in the middle = Birmingham.
>> Years ago DEC bought in market surveys as to the best place for shows.
>> All had the same answer. Birmingham
>> London was too expensive and everywhere else remote or poor access.
> Ah typical, Manchester "Remote".... Has he tried getting into central Birmingham recently, with all the road works. Its quicker by Canal Boat:-(
> Its also getting expensive to find venues in Birmingham, as it is about as central as you can get in the UK. Decent accommodation (it was a two day event) can also be challenging.
>> What is the point of me having 20+ working DEC systems if I can't show them
>> unless I become a long distance lorry driver?
> Organize your own event! I wonder if the TNMOC of computing would let us run an event there? But of course they don't have much space either and they are, I believe still not really on speaking terms with Bletchley...
>> Good luck for next year.
>> At least I can look at the pictures
>> Rod
>> On 14/04/2015 10:01, Mark Wickens wrote:
>>> Rod
>>> Where would you consider accessible in terms of major cities? This
>>> question comes up every year and I'm open to suggestions, but it would
>>> probably end up with me having a three hour drive instead. The problem
>>> I'll have is the 'unknowns' of a new venue - we still have a few of
>>> them here every year even though the event has run several times now
>>> and it's a lot easier to get things sorted close to home.
>>> This year I've have folks come from South West England, Wales, Kent
>>> and even Holland - and that included a substantial amount of kit. As
>>> far as I know it's all survived (apart from a VT320 - but that died
>>> before it left the building).
>>> Having said that I appreciate there is a not insubstantial expense in
>>> travel and accommodation that would be mitigated if the event were
>>> within a reasonable distance.
>>> Regards, Mark
>>> On 14/04/15 09:11, Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>>> It a pity its not somewhere more accessible.
>>>> I have plenty of DEC systems that run.
>>>> However a four hour drive would not do them or me any good.
>>>> Rod Smallwood
>>>> Digital Equipment Corporation (1973-1985)
>>>> On 14/04/2015 06:22, kirkbdavis at wrote:
>>>>> Man that 11/70 sure would look nice on my coffee table..
>>>>> On April 13, 2015 at 10:20 PM, "Mark Wickens" <msw at>
>> wrote:
>>>>>> I've uploaded some photos from the 2015 DEC Legacy event:
>>>>>> Had a great time - already looking forward to the next one. Many
>>>>>> thanks to the presenters (local and remote) and everyone who
>>>>>> attended.
>>>>>> Regards, Mark.
>>>>>> p.s. yes, I will try and get a better gallery tool embedded into
>>>>>> the DEC Legacy site. The drupal one I'm currently using sucks.

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