Altair Turnkey and some DEC stuff cheap

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Apr 13 15:05:37 CDT 2015

    > From: Roe Peterson

    > There is a product, can't remember the name. It's basically dental
    > floss for dentures, and comes in individual strings about 3 inches long
    > with a cleaning tip at one end.

I found something that sounds like this; it's called "Superfloss" (OralB
product); they are about 10" long, with a 6" section in the middle that looks
like a miniature pipe cleaner.

Speaking of pipe cleaners, I also tried using them. They were a bit too big
to get through the space, but there's something called "Chenille Stems"
(Fibre Craft product), available in craft stores, which is like a light gauge
pipe cleaner, but with longer 'pile'. It won't go through as it, but if you
trim the pile, it will go through most slots (there is component variation,
and for some blocks, the gap between the block and the PCB is much smaller).

    > From: Tothwolf

    > Could you use an aquarium pump and a long airstone / bubbler to help
    > clean the boards using aeration?

I'm not sure that would get off the impacted dirt. (At least, more so than a
long soak, and then water jet.)

    > Or, maybe get in there with a Waterpik?

I did try and find a small pressure washer type thing, but the smallest I
could find was ... still pretty big. Maybe a Waterpik would be more the
backplane's size..


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