Does anyone here have any information/docs on the Tahoe aka Power 6/32 aka Harris HCX-7/9?

Kevin Keith krfkeith at
Mon Apr 13 03:40:02 CDT 2015

I've checked Bitsavers, but no dice. There didn't appear to be a
section for Computer Consoles Inc, the original manufacturer, and
there's nothing in either the Harris or the ICL sections (both of
which sold rebadged machines). Anyone information you guys might have
on this machine would be much appreciated. I'm especially looking for
a programming guide, or anything which might provide information on
the ISA. I've heard of it being describing as somewhat VAXoid, but I
haven't ever seen any reliable information as to what its instruction
set actually looked like. The machine is of historical interest for
being the first architecture, IIRC, that BSD4.3 was supported on.
Otherwise, it seems to be rather obscure. I've searched everywhere,
and no one seems to have much on it. But I figured if anyone did, it
would be you guys.

Thanks for reading!

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