Available: VAX-11/750, DEC7000, DEC5500 and more!

Pontus pontus at update.uu.se
Sun Apr 12 16:52:17 CDT 2015


A small update.

It looks like we have bought some time for these systems, at least a few 
weeks. All Norsk Data items and Teleray terminal will be picked up by 
someone fairly local.

The test gear that some of you pointed out has been picked up. It is an 
RP06 alignment tool.

As for the rest, we are working on it :)

I think I have replied to all that wrote directly to me. If you feel 
that I've missed your mail, I'm sorry, please send me a reminder.

Kind Regards,

On 04/08/2015 10:34 PM, Pontus wrote:
> Hi
> A computer club in northern Sweden (Luleå) is clearing out some 
> storage rooms. I'm not the owner and not directly responsible for this 
> (although I'm involved). Shipping will _not_ be possible, but things 
> that people have interest in can be stored for "a while".
> Here is a list of things heading for the scrapper:
> Unibus- and BI-bus boards (I'm will try to save these)
> 1/2"-tapes
> 2x DEC7000
> RX01-floppies
> DEC5500 (labled ellen.lnt.dec.com)
> Vax 4000/300
> A few RA90
> MV3900+RA82+RL02
> Sun-mice and Sun-SCSI-cables (lots)
> Annex3 Terminal Server
> VAXserver 3100
> VAXstation 3100
> Vax 4000/90
> 2x VAXstation 3100/76
> Vax 4000/60
> Infoserver 100
> Sun CD-drive
> Mikrovax 3800
> CI-cable
> 2x RF215 (disk towers)
> Mikrovax? 640QR?
> Vax 4000/500
> HSC90
> TU81+RA82
> 11/750 no PSU
> SDI cables
> 2 st Hawk-drives (ND511).
> Boards for Nord-100.
> Teleray terminal
> 2 Nord-10 CPU-boxes?
> There is also a VAX 8354 with RA72 that I'm going try and save myself, 
> but I can't fit the cabinet in my garage. So if anyone seriously wants 
> this, I'll let it go.
> There is also two RP07 that might get a new home locally, but it's not 
> decided yet.
> The list might grow or shrink depending on what people claim or not.
> Here are some images:
> http://brain.brokenbrain.se/skrot_dh1/
> Regards,
> Pontus.

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