Brian Kernighan @ VCF East

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Apr 9 23:15:34 CDT 2015

>>>> But we scrambled really hard in the past two days and landed K.  :)
>>> Yep, that does it.  I'm going to be there.  Seriously, Kernighan and Bell?  I plan to grovel.
>> Glad you're going, however, Gordon Bell is not. We never said he'd be there .... we did say we * asked * him to go and that he wasn't available.
> Right, I read it wrong.  Doesn't matter, I've already done the Expedia thing.  I really wanted to attend, schedules changed, I can get there now, and I just wish I could bring my 11/15.

Great! From where are you traveling?

(People have come from four continents...)

>> Kernighan is on Saturday morning (April 18). Sunday morning's speaker is Bob Frankston, who programmed a little thing called VisiCalc.  :)
>> Friday is 17 technical classes, free pizza, and the PDP-8 ceremony.
> See you there.  I'll be the 6 foot 6 geek wandering around with a stunned look on his face...

I'll look for you. If you see me first, then please introduce yourself. 
I'm the skinny 5-foot-8 bald Jew.

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