Available: VAX-11/750, DEC7000, DEC5500 and more!

Pontus pontus at update.uu.se
Wed Apr 8 15:34:27 CDT 2015


A computer club in northern Sweden (Luleå) is clearing out some storage 
rooms. I'm not the owner and not directly responsible for this (although 
I'm involved). Shipping will _not_ be possible, but things that people 
have interest in can be stored for "a while".

Here is a list of things heading for the scrapper:

Unibus- and BI-bus boards (I'm will try to save these)
2x DEC7000
DEC5500 (labled ellen.lnt.dec.com)
Vax 4000/300
A few RA90
Sun-mice and Sun-SCSI-cables (lots)
Annex3 Terminal Server
VAXserver 3100
VAXstation 3100
Vax 4000/90
2x VAXstation 3100/76
Vax 4000/60
Infoserver 100
Sun CD-drive
Mikrovax 3800
2x RF215 (disk towers)
Mikrovax? 640QR?
Vax 4000/500
11/750 no PSU
SDI cables
2 st Hawk-drives (ND511).
Boards for Nord-100.
Teleray terminal
2 Nord-10 CPU-boxes?

There is also a VAX 8354 with RA72 that I'm going try and save myself, 
but I can't fit the cabinet in my garage. So if anyone seriously wants 
this, I'll let it go.
There is also two RP07 that might get a new home locally, but it's not 
decided yet.

The list might grow or shrink depending on what people claim or not.

Here are some images:


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