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Wed Apr 8 15:13:06 CDT 2015

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> Hi there
> I am based in the UK (Edinburgh) and have been seeking the last couple of
> years a working/non-working MicroPDP 11/23, 73 or 93 in preferably a BA-23,
> but anything definitely considered.
> These rarely come up on eBay (although I am tempted to by a working
> MicroPDP 11/73 in a BA-23 from eBay US for $1200, but shipping and taxes
> would make this at least 50% more).
> Any advice on sources of hardware in the UK/EU would be much appreciated.
> I really don't want to wait many more years simply because the rarity may
> mean I never get one.
> Also looking for a VAXStation 3100/9x model. Again hard to find in the UK.
> Many thanks
> Ed

Have you seen this:

Also, I have a MicroVAX 3100 Model 80 that I am looking to pass on. Not quite a VAXstation 3100/9x, of course. I will have it at DEC Legacy ( this weekend, if you were thinking of attending.



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