Seeking H7861 Power Supply (PDP 11/23+)

Paul Anderson useddec at
Tue Apr 7 16:44:30 CDT 2015

I think the main difference between the two is the H7861 Has a higher +5VDC
current rating.  I don't remember if they are plug compatible, but they
should be.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Shaun Halstead <
microfilm at> wrote:

> On 04/06/2015 08:06 PM, Cory Heisterkamp wrote:
> > I have a PDP 11/23+ I'm attempting to bring up and discovered why I
> wasn't getting anywhere- a metal screw had gotten into the supply shorting
> *something* on the supply PCB. I'm new to DEC equipment and I'm afraid this
> supply is beyond me. If someone has one for sale (this one marked H7861),
> please let me know. It looks serviceable and is likely repairable by an
> expert so that could be an option, too.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Cory
>   I have a pair of h786 (not 7861) power supplies sitting on the shelf.
> Both have the back panel
> switch box/line interface.  Both line interfaces are marked 11/23-AX, with
> a change tag noting a
> change to 11/23-AA.  I don't have a /23 to put them in for testing, but I
> might be able to build a
> simple resistor test rig.  We're cleaning house, and they need to go.  $75
> each, or $125 for the
> pair.  Shipping would be from Wichita, Ks, 67213.
> --Shaun Halstead
>    Microfilm Services, Inc.

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