Seeking H7861 Power Supply (PDP 11/23+)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Apr 6 23:21:32 CDT 2015

    > From: Cory Heisterkamp

    > If someone has one for sale (this one marked H7861), please let me
    > know.

Someone on eBay is selling one:

They are asking $125, which is not wholly ridiculous, and will probably take
slightly less. I've bought several from this seller, and they are in good

Also, at a pinch, I'm pretty sure (as in, I have looked at both closely, and
verified that they have the same interfaces and physical dimensions, etc, so I
think this will work, but I have yet to actually try it) an H786 would also
work in that system. The only difference I know of is that the H7861 puts out
a few more amps of +5V. No reasonably priced H786's on eBay at the moment,

    > It looks serviceable and is likely repairable by an expert so that
    > could be an option, too.

I'd interested in buying the dead one from you (which should help offset the
cost if you go for the eBay one) - please contact me off line if interested.


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