SGI Indigo2 graphics options

Ken Seefried seefriek at
Sat Apr 4 22:17:23 CDT 2015

From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz at>
> Similar: We had some Indigos in indogo color but with "CDC Cyber 910"
> (yes, CDC as Controll Data Corp.) printing at the Unix-AG.

Ha!  Memories.  I have a recycler friend who called me up one day having a
line on a st00pid number of "CDC computers" for dirt.  He thought maybe he
could make a few dollars on machines from the Center for Disease Control.
I took a look and realized they were rebadged SGIs from Control Data,
workstations and servers.  I hooked him up with some folks into that sort
of kink and he sold each one for about 15 times what he paid for them.  I
bought a car and a really nice grill with what he kicked back to me for the
intel and the hookup.  Good times.

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